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Appearances - “Margin Call” Premiere (October 17,2011)

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okay so i have watched the season finale…

i hate to think that the season finale is redundant… its like "hey we already know that, so dont bother telling it to us again"

Serena being back to being a drug addict? that is soooo season 1 and season 3/4

Finding Out Who the hell is Gossip Girl? naahh we know they will always fail on finding it out.

Blair fighting for Chuck.. oh they do that every season.

Chuck changing his mind and not choosing Blair.. oh did i tell you they do that every season?

Dan and Georgina.. maybe this time, they might have a legitimate baby!

Nate… oh wait, does he even have a storyline this season?

Bart Bass being a Asshole? Check.

Jack being that revengeful brother/uncle…  DOUBLE CHECK.


what i hate the most this season is just this, How one very simple dialogue can change the plot.


i hope they give us a proper send off in the final season. no more scandals. no more same old fuckin storylines. just a closure to all the characters.


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and CW ordered 11 episodes only. source

but atleast THERE WILL BE A PROPER SEND OFF rather than an awkward finale.

i hope they will bring back Jenny Humphrey, Vannessa, the bitch from Season 4 (forgot her name), Eric van der Woodsen and please i need more of Georgina Sparks.

and finally i hope by Season 6, Gossip Girl will show her face.

i really need a proper ending. :)


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hey lovely followers! :)

one of our admin is having his birthday right now..

send him your love via his ask box, or click here…. :)

Thanks! xoxo!

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